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The Real History & Geography

All of the characters, places and events in this series are entirely fictitious but they are all inspired by 3 years of extensive historical research.

As a result, some of the people and places have indirect relationships to real historical figures and geography. For readers with some knowledge of this history it may be of interest to know these equivalences.

( is the mathematic symbol for “approximately equal to”)

The Towering Mountains  The Rocky Mountains

Moosejaw Mountains  The Bitteroot Mountains

The Beartooth Mountains  The Sawtooth Mountains

The Big River  The Columbia River

Deep Falls  The Dalles

The Hookmouth River  The Snake River

The Shoal River  The Clearwater River

The Stony River  The Salmon River 

Wise Water  Wallowa Lake

Three Rivers  Spalding/Lapwei

Sweetroot Meadow  Wieppe Prairie

Coho Falls  Celilo Falls (equivalent in function but not location)

The Dead Lands  Craters of the Moon National Monument & Preserve

The Great Salt Water  The Pacific Ocean


Coyote Horse  Cayuse Horse

Narrow River People  Nez Perce

Walking People  Yakama

Hookmouths  Aspects of Crow, BannockNorthern Shoshone

Blackhearts  Blackfeet

Thunder Cloud  Chief Joseph (Hmn-ut-too-yah-lat-lat - Thunder rolling out of the mountains)

White Horse  Old Chief Joseph

Shouting Sky  Smohalla

Many Faces  Lawyer/Hallalhotsoot

Broken Hand  Twisted Hair


Ellis & Clay  Lewis & Clark

Maddox Whitehead  Marcus Whitman

Nyssa Whitehead  Narcissa Whitman

Governor, Galton Adderley  Governor, George Abernethy

Governor, Stewart  Governor Issac Stevens

Colonel John Ward  Colonel George “Hang ’em all!” Wright

General Harrison  General Otis Howard

Gen. James Powhatan Simpson ≅ Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman


SERIES ONE: The Coming of the Dogmen 1805-1811

1818 Fort Nez Perce built by North West Company

1821 Forced merger of NWC and Hudsons Bay Company

1824 Hudson Bay Company move to Portland

SERIES TWO: No Man's Land 1824
SERIES THREE: Death Stalks the Land 1846

1840 Whitman/Spalding missions

1842 Whopping Cough epidemic

1843 Dysentery outbreak

1846 Oregon Compromise Agreement

1846 Terrible winter leading to famine

1847 measles led to Whitman Murders

1847-50 the Cayuse War 

1850 Execution of the Cayuse Five

SERIES FOUR: Prophet’s Arise. 1855.
SERIES FIVE: The Last Trail to Wolf Paw. 1875-7

1860 Gold Rush on Nez Perce land

1861-1865 US Civil War

1863 - New Treaty

1871 Old Joseph dies

1872 - Settlers invade Wallowa valley

1873 - Nez Perce negotiate right-of-residence at Wallowa.

1876 - 25th June Battle of Little Bighorn

1876 - Wind Blowing murdered by Mcnall

1876 - Nez Perce ordered onto reservation

1876/77- Nez Perce War

More details and images to help define the world of This Land, can be found on these pages:

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