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This Land has been created and developed to Pilot Script & Bible by English screenwriter Christopher Byram in close collaboration with the "Godmother of Oregon Film", Katherine K'iya (Red Hawk) Wilson. 

Christopher Byram

Christopher Byram is an experienced and award-winning UK-based screenwriter. The passion of his entire career has been 60 minute episodic television drama. He has run his own successful TV drama development company and been a Drama Development Executive at the BBC. He has written and directed for most of the most-loved UK long-running drama series and been commissioned to develop his own series ideas by all UK Broadcasters and many leading UK Indies. Most recently His streaming pilot, Rednecks, was optioned in Hollywood and the script was the overall winner of the Filmmatic Inroads Screenwriting Fellowship and winner of Best Screenplay in the 2020 Workers United Film Festival screenplay competition in New York.

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Katherine K'iya (Red Hawk) Wilson

The Associate Producer of This Land, is Oregon-based, Native American filmmaker and author Katherine K'iya (Red Hawk) Wilson, known locally as "The Godmother of Oregon Film". Katherine was raised in Chiloquin on the Klamath Tribes Reservation and her film career began in 1975 when she was appointed as the Governor’s liaison to the set of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. For the next 30 years she became perhaps the leading facilitator and consultant for films made in Oregon and the pacific Northwest, helping Hollywood producers and writers develop and create screenplays set in the PNW and providing a myriad of services for Hollywood Productions including location scout and location casting director for films such as Animal House and Stand by Me.


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